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Local Humanitarian Efforts & Future Goals

GB&T is committed to Africa and its native people.  Although Guinea is considered one of the richest countries in Africa, its people are poor. 

In response to wide-spread poverty throughout the country, a significant portion of profits raised through the company’s mining operations are dedicated to the growth and further development of the local populations. 

In its infancy, GB&T has donated food, motorcycles, cell phones, water pumps, wheel barrows, shovels, and other mining equipment, as well as basic essentials to the villages in the surrounding areas. 

GB&T has also met with local government officials to establish long-tem dialogue and relationships for the express improvement of schools, medical facilities, and other necessary infrastructure needs to raise the quality of life for the local villagers.

Future goals of GB&T include:

By increasing operations in Guinea, GB&T stands to boost the standard of living for hundreds and, possibly, thousands of individuals through steady wages, medical care, education, agricultural and housing support, and honest dealings.

GB&T is committed to continuing these practices indefinitely.

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