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Project Overview - Guinea, Africa

GB&T, SARL is a joint venture between Imminent Investments, LLC and Market Link, SARL. Managed by Dr. Kevin Hartshorn & Mohammed Jalloh, GB&T was founded to facilitate the export of gold and high quality diamonds out of Guinea for the mutual benefit and profit of the company, its investors, and its workers/suppliers.

GB&T is expanding its current purchases of gold and diamonds from existing suppliers while establishing its own mining operations with the recent acquisition of private land. In addition to upgrading current gold mining operations and supply, GB&T is also acquiring several of its own diamond concessions.

Due to Artisan Mining Restrictions placed on local miners, current conditions and tools are primitive at best. Placer mining is performed with dried gourds and hand-made tools in mud pits.

GB&T has begun importing modern placer mining equipment as allowed within local restrictions. These upgrades will greatly increase production, efficiency and quantity of exports. Future equipment upgrades will include:

•   Modern Panning Equipment
•   Troughs to Prevent Loss of Enriched Ore
•   Power Spiral Extractors
•   Heavy Loaders
•   Hopper / Conveyor Systems

•   Industrial Crushers / Screeners

As operations ramp up, GB&T will continue acquiring additional hectares of land throughout surrounding provinces for mining.

Registered in Guinea as GB&T, SARL, the company has established a branch office in Conakry, the capital city and air/seaport, and will coordinate all inland mining operations and shipments out of the country.

The initial diamond concessions aquired by GB&T cover in excess of 85,000 acres (34,000 hectares) of land in total. The duration of each concession varies from six to ten years, with an estimated output of several million carats of rough cut gems.

By cutting and polishing prior to export, GB&T anticipates a significant increase in diamond margins. Cutting and polishing stones in Guinea also provides an export licensing savings and would provide additional cash flow by processing stones from third-party concessions.

As operations increase on GB&T’s own land and concessions, GB&T will continue to purchase wholesale gold and diamonds from local suppliers for immediate resale, and further project capitalization.

All gold and diamonds purchased or mined are sold or leveraged to further the company's mining operations and fund its humanitarian aid programs.

Existing contracts with local suppliers currently produce low to moderate quantities of 18 karat gold. As a direct result of the equipment upgrade provided by GB&T, it is anticipated that output will double as new equipment is implemented.

GB&T and its gold and diamond reclamation project is managed by over 80 years of experience and will maintain a constant presence in Guinea.

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